Monday, November 26, 2007

5 Tips To Make Money By Writing Blogs

Creating a blog is the easiest thing on earth. Within a matter of few minutes you can create a blog in blogpsot. But the challenge lies in continuously working on it, spending time in getting content through articles, latest updates in your field and posting new information for the readers.

Here are a few tips to make money by writing blogs.

1. Identify your niche

It is very important for you to identify your niche and have a strong passion for it. Unless you have a strong interest, you will have no momentum in updating your blog. First find out if your niche has a market and if it has, do research on the specifics of the niche. Here are some fields that are doing well in today's market

- Health and fitness
- Beauty and skincare
- Affiliate Marketing
- Insurance and Finance

2. Passion and Interest count more than expertise

Do not worry if you are not an expert in your area of interest. What you need is a strong passion and interest which will eventually make you an expert. Don't expect immediate results, give it some time and you will find money trickling, even though initially it may be in small amounts. You can start out by reading articles in ezinearticles, goarticle and articlecity and use the same articles that you thought were most useful giving full credit to the original author and specifying the relevant details in your blog.

3. Google Adsense

Place google adsense on your blogs. This is another way of generating revenue. Avoid going for Google Adsense banners as research has shown that they are consistently overlooked by the viewers. Make sure that you ad blends well with your blog layout.

4. Advertise your blog to friends and relevant networks

A good way to advertise your blog may be to simply send an email with your blog link to your friends and colleagues. Make sure that your postings are valuable in those respective blogs or else you will just be one more spammer. Write articles on squidoo and hub pages and generate traffic to your blog.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Add affiliate links to the products that you choose to promote. What goes around comes around is the saying. Always put yourself in the shoes of the buyer and think once, twice, thrice before selling or promoting a product.

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