Thursday, November 15, 2007

10 Tips To A Readable Killer Blog

Have you often wondered why it is that the top blogs have always had good success, when you keep blogging away daily and nobody bothers to read? With these tips that work for the big boys you will soon start enjoyed some success.

1. Think About Your Chosen Subject

If you’re a good blogger you will be able to make any subject sound good, so don’t pick something you know nothing about? Pick something you know and know well. This will help improve the Quality of your blogging.

2. Learn Everything About Your Subject

Read about your chosen subject daily. Take a look around the net at your rivals and see what they are blogging about...

3. The Headline Is The Killer

Get this right and you’re onto a winner, killer headlines aimed at grabbing readers attention will make them want to read on. Check out this blog: 7 Sure-fire Headlines That Work. Check it out.

4. Now Show Us The Killer Content

Your headline as grabbed their attention now don’t disappoint! Don’t write the perfect headlines and then follow it up with copy and paste from the net!

5. Bulletin Points Do Work

Bulletin points used during key parts of your post is gives people a point to come back later.

6. Images Are A Must

Adding images to your posts makes them stand out and not dull and boring make sure the image is topic related.

7. Your Opinion Counts

People will want to know your opinion that is the reason they are on your blog. A strong opinion about the subject you have chosen keeps people keen.

8. Lists Are Great

Lists work plain and simple always have always will people love them. Create some top 10 lists about your chosen subject and dig them.

9. Annoy Your Viewers

Annoying your visitors with your opinions is a great way to keep them reading sounds daft but it works.

10. Keep It Short

Unlike this article try and keep it short and to the point.

by Lisa Hobson

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