Thursday, November 29, 2007

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Blog Posting Software

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Blog Posting Software

1. Software can be used to post to your own blog. You can feed the software the entries that you want to be seen, and you can sit back effortlessly while the software is doing the work for you. Pages will be updated without you having to spend precious time doing it. Just set aside a specific day for making up a blog series, and fee it into the software to be posted.

2. There is also software for making comments on others blogs. This is a very helpful tool as you can search out the blogs that are meaningful to you or are part of your niche, and you can put comments. Make sure your comments are well thought out, and don’t spam. If you can automate good comments to be posted every so often, you’ll be interacting with many people which will more than likely result in them visiting your blog. What better traffic is there than target, interested traffic?

3. Then, there is free blog posting software that is known as Post2Blog. This software allows you to easily and effortlessly edit posts from your computer’s desktop. This editor makes your blog posts appear very professional. It works for Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal, Drupal blogs, MovableType, and many other blog platforms. It has a clean interface as well as many other features that will help to enhance your blogging experience. It used to cost around thirty dollars: however, it is now freeware.

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