Wednesday, November 21, 2007

5 Great Ways to Get More Blog Subscribers

One of the consideration that a blog is the best is its subscribers. And the best blogs have thousands of subscriber either email or RSS.

To get more subscribers for your blog, here are 5 strategies.

1. Make subscription options available and obvious.

Display Email textbox and RSS Subscription Button clearer and eye catching. Look for RSS icons that are bigger in sizes.

2. Write articles that are focused and are useful for your niche

Your blog must have one general category. If you want to write about blogging then your blog must contain about 90% blogging posts. The 10% may be your personal posts or your sponsored post.

3. Give something for free

You write your own expertise in a document and give it for free. Make it available for download from your blog.

4. Start a series of posts

Update daily. Post at least once a day.

5. Market your blog like crazy

Submit your post to different bookmarking sites, like del.ici.os and technorati.

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