Thursday, February 21, 2008

Building Up Website Empire

For these last few days, I have not attended into blogging for I have been very busy building up my website empire. I have already bought a paid hosting, for the first time, which could cater unlimited domain, which is what I am looking for a domain.

Now, I have already build up my first 2 website using Wordpress. They are not blogs actually but I used the Wordpress blogging system as my web system for these sites because of the plugins feature of this system. These days, I have been coding some plugins for these websites.

The first one is Plokmaster Web Stuff. This should be my main website since it bears my codename but I don't know what to post for this site so I decided to mix all the contents I could gather. Most of the content for now are from ezinearticles. I made a plugin that could post ezinearticle summaries in a single click. As you will examine the calendar of the site, which I made visible. The site just started 3 days ago but as you can see, the website had posted a lot of contents in a day.

The second is BestLayouts.Info. I used Wordpress for this website again. This site will content all friendster css layouts and stuff. I have collect enough contents already, which is actually thousands of layouts, and I have done this just day. I actually coded another plugin for this one.

Actually, I am planning to sell this plugins but I don't know if someone will be interested with this plugins. Anyway, if you are interested to buy one. I'm selling this for a hundred dollar. Is it too expensive? But if your interested anyway, just send me a message at

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