Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

Its been six months already when I started blogging for some extra cash to pay my bills but I have heard about pay per post advertising about 2 years ago while I was still with adsense and blogging industry is not yet popular. So, I blog and research on how to make money in blogging. I dig the google on tips on how to earn money in blogging and also asked some bloggers on what blog advertising company is the best. And I have learned that Payperpost is the best among them and they said that in Payperpost comes the big bucks in blogging.

I signed up for payperpost as a blogger when my blog came its third month old, being the required minimum age of a blog. I contacted Customer Love to review my post but my blog got disappoved because of my casino sponsors. So I began creating this blog about blogging for my payperpost entry. And at last, after another three months of waiting, this blog got approved by payperpost. I am very happy that I can now earn something from payperpost and I hope that I will earn a lot that I expected.

Anyway, so much for that boring discussion. I am planning to buy an iMac out of my blog earnings. I hope payperpost can help me.


genesis said...


Catherine said...

I thought PPP has now changed to new requirement where the blog with 1 month old and consist 10 post will be qualified? By the way, congratulations and happy blogging!

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Rolando said...

Good luck with that. I used them for awhile too, but it was hard to find articles for me to write about. Otherwise, it was/is a good program.

Carlota said...

congrats and happy posting.

Josh of Arabia said...

hapi semi-pro blogging :) i heared a lot of good stories on PPP.

all d best then,.