Thursday, March 6, 2008

Maintaining a single blogroll for all my blogs

I am actually maintaining one blogroll for all my blogs to reduced my efforts of adding the same link to separate blogroll. So I programmed my own link manager system for these past few days. Currently, I have included at least a hundred links which I got from my gf's blogroll. Most of these blogs haven't included my link in their blogs so I am checking them one by one and sending them the same messages to add my link in their blogs. I would like to say thank you those who responded to me and added my link in their blogs. Thank you so much!

And I hope these people below have already added my link in their blogs:


Josh of Arabia said...

man, txs for the add ha..and for the note..sure, i'll add u up..

pls keep me posted and cheers to a happy blogging! :)

Arlene & John said...

hello! thanks for linking me up here! i got u linked now too!

BlueStar said...

Hi friend! Care for link exchange? have a nice day ^^

Amy said...

Hi, thanks for adding me in your blogroll. done adding urs too:)

happy weekend!

Rickavieves said...

hi thnx for the add! done adding in my 3 blogs! see you arround sometimes! have a great ewekend!