Saturday, November 24, 2007

5 Acts Of Kindness For Bloggers

All these things are not hard at all. They Just require an investment of time and a little money (but that is what asking for prize donations is for), but you know what? The majority of you will not do these because it is too much effort and the results from your investment are not instant.

1. Give Them Some Link Love

Mention them in your posts, say how great they are and how much you loved one of their posts. They may return the favour, but besides that people never give credit where it is due, and you will make them feel so special - especially if they are a newer blogger than you.

2. Be A Generous Blogger

There are so many possibilities with this one but a few possibilities are donating to other bloggers contests, reviewing their blog or their new product that they have created.And don't think since you havn't got a product to donate to a contest that you can help them. Offer an advertising spot on your blog for a month or even a website review - there are so many possibilities to be generous, will you take them?

3. Be Approachable

Do you make it easy for other bloggers to contact you, or do you portray yourself in a way that they might be a bit wary. I am not meaning having a contact for or page (although I do need to get myself one of these), but do you welcome new bloggers requests for assistance.This is a great opportunity to build your network, and who knows one of these 'inexperienced bloggers' may become more popular than you - it is always good to have a wide range of contacts.

4. Offer To Guest Blog

Think back to when you started blogging. How would you have felt if a more experienced blogger offered to do a guest blog on your blog? You would have felt like you could conquer the world - and it may be the one thing that stops them from giving up on blogging.

5. Reward Your Top Commenters With Prizes

I know a lot of people are offering link love to their top commenters, but think of how they would feel if you could give them a gift as well. Whether it be a tangible product like a t-shirt, or an electronic product like and ebook or advertisement spot on your blog, you will gain a few raving fans and possibly a couple of links backs as they tell all their friends about what you gave them! (This is something I will be implimenting after my redesign)

Thomas Sinfield

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