Friday, November 23, 2007

Another 6 Rules in Blogging

I have been searching for tips about blogging and I have found many rules about it. Well, this is another rules in blogging which should be given an attention for it would surely help us in our journey to success.

6 Rules in Blogging

1. Writing is like talking, so write the way you talk

The easiest way to write in your blog is to write the way you talk because by doing this, your ideas will flow easily and simultaneously.

2. Do not be someone else, be true to yourself

We should not pretend to be someone when we blog. We must be true to yourself because what you are sharing is your experiences, learnings and realizations.

3. Be nice to others and others will be nice to you

Your blog is you. If you will not be nice to others, your blogs will be affected because they represent yourself.

4. Link out your original sources

To pay credit to the author, you must link the original source to your post. In this manner, you can help them too by sending them your traffic.

5. Negative comments are good

Negative comments are good because you can use them as a source of your post. You can create another post just to explain to them your side.

6. Post regularly

This is the most important point to succeed in blogging. Updating regularly would maintain your regular visitors in coming to your blog regularly.

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