Friday, February 8, 2008

4 Points in Writing A Good Blog Post to Get Free Traffic From It

Here are 4 Points you need to remember in writing a good post and this things are the things you're going to improve in order to get free traffic from it. It is really a matter of style in posting in your blog and you don't need to be someone just to be a good blogger.

Here it is.

1. The title

The title is the one which has the bigger title in the search engine and most searchers consider the title as their only basis of selecting a result. So, your post title must contain all the possible keywords in your post.

2. The body

The description of the search results usually are the first paragraph of the post. So it would much better if you place your key keywords on the first paragraph.

3. The keywords

Search engines also consider the connection of links inside your blog. This is also one of the basis of ranking your blog. It would be much wiser if you hyperlinked some keywords to your previous post.

4. The Tags

The tags must be your keywords also because these are much relevant to your post.

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